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tv   First Business  KICU  February 14, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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return to me... the stocks that are showing investors the love this valentines day. in today's cover story, president obama hits the road. the plans he has in motion for changes in the manufacturing industry. why travelers are on board with the hottest new way to see the world by boat. plus, film studios are overflowing with attempts to attract lovebirds this valentines day. first business starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's thursday, feburary 14th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: up or down? stocks and commodities traded with mininal gains and losses yesterday. investors are holding back as they wonder whether a large sell-off or big rally lies
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ahead. cisco sees the light. the company topped its earnings targets after the close. cisco ceo john chambers notes that 2013 is off to a slow start but sees early signs of improvement in europe. and democrats are working on a new bill that could replace the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts that take effect march 1st if there is no deal. time now for a look at what traders have to say about the day. joe cusik joins us for that. he is from options express. good morning joe. we had earnings after the close coming in from cisco. what is your first thought? > > you know what, cisco came in, they did what they expected. the thing is that they diversified their revenues from the switching and routing, and now they are looking at that i.t. infrastructure. so, that actually could bring revenues a little bit more rapidly, even though there was a drop-off. obviously the hard part is that while the macroeconomic trend has been
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positive, they are heavily saturated in europe. we want to see that pipeline start to pick up as far as usage. but they are diversifying, and their enterprise sales have been very strong. their enterprise units have been selling and actually spending more money than they anticipated. so again, the revenue streams are coming in from areas that they traditionally weren't focused on, more on the i.t. side. > how much do the latest retail sales numbers mean to traders? the numbers are coming in stronger than people expected, and it seems like that tax bump up really did not hurt the consumer. > > i think that is a wait-and- see, because we are seeing what the implications are on the payroll tax. i think we are going to need a few more months for that to actually see if that is going to make an impact going in after the first quarter. so, i think it would be a little bit too early to say that retail is not going to be impacted by some of the tax consequences. and we always have that headline risk, because we are going to come back to this
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discussion in a couple months. > and i know you watch the options. i would love to get your take on the dell deal. what is going to happen here joe? any inklings? > > you know what, i really don't have an inkling, other than the fact that michael dell, knowing that steve jobs unfortunately is not with us anymore, he obviously has an opportunity to look at his company a little bit differently. i haven't had an opportunity to look at the options activity lately in dell, but it is an interesting lbo, and it is going to be watched very closely. > thanks joe. > > you bet. president obama hits the road with a plan to educate and innovate, but will his state of the union speech be the boost for business that translates into action? from pre-school to pre-fab, the president is promoting the notion that a dollar spent early can pay dividends later. president obama wants to pull together technical schools with small- to medium-sized companies and federal agencies such as the energy and defense departments to innovate new ways to improve manufacturing. more than a dozen manufacturing hubs
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based on a pilot program in youngstown, ohio. "so you once had a shutted warehouse. it's now a state-of- the-art lab where new workers are mastering 3d printing. that's the future." the association for manufacturing technology says the concept will help small to medium companies that can't afford to spend a half-million dollars on r&d without immediate returns. "what's going to happen is the best ideas will come forward and there will be collaboration so the total price tag isn't picked up by the taxpayer." but senate minority leader mitch mcconnell isn't sold on it. "he says he wants balance, but his approach so far has been anything but. just as 'investment' has become a washington code for more
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spending, 'balance' has become code for 'my-way-or-the- highway.'" the president outlined nearly two dozen proposals in his state of the union speech, from incentives to high schools and community colleges to train workforce-ready graduates to raising the minimum wage and expanding pre-school education opportunities. but the republican rebuttal by marco rubio pointed out how the best intentions of obamacare have their negatives, too. "because of obamacare, some companies aren't hiring. and in some cases, full-time workers are being let go and replaced by part-time workers." tomorrow, in chicago, the president will address gun violence and, in particular, a shooting that took the life of a 15-year-old girl who had performed with her classmates at his innauguration less than a month ago. it also marks two full months since the school shooting in newtown, connecticut. the carnival cruise crisis will hopefully come to a close today. a third tug boat is called in to pull the crippled carnival ship into mobile, alabama, today. a fire blew out an engine sunday on triumph, stranding more than 4,000 people in the gulf of mexico. the cruise was scheduled to end monday morning. carnival is cancelling 14 triumph cruses and refunding customers. the president of carnival has apologized for poor conditions on board, including heat and
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sewage problems. reports say carnival's ceo attended an nba game tuesday night while passengers suffered. the "silly sideshow," as apple's tim cook calls it, may need a bigger tent. first, hedge fund manager david einhorn at greenlight capital sued to stop apple from eliminating preferred stock for investors. now, another shareholder, brian gralnick, is suing for a say in how much apple's top executives are paid. apple's opposed that in the past, saying it could hurt recruiting of top talent. apple shareholders meet february 27th. and, more rumors are swirling regarding apple's iwatch. bloomberg reports plans for the device have been in the works for about a year, and that the watch will perform similar functions as the iphone and ipad. also in apple product news, two apple laptops are getting cheaper. prices for a macbook pro with retina display will drop by $200. a version of the macbook air will also drop by $100. shopper track is taking a peek into consumer spending for the year and anticipates a retail rebound. in the first quater, retail sales are projected to rise 3.2%, and foot traffic will jump 3.5%. in the second quarter, shopper track predicts
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retail numbers will climb 2.9%, while foot traffic remains flat. retailers will get the biggest boost in the first quarter because consumers will be shopping sales events for valentine's day, president's day and easter, which comes early this year. treasury secretary pick jack lew is still awaiting confirmation from congress. yesterday, during a confirmation hearingm lew was questioned by lawmakers. lew addressed the upcoming sequestration cuts set for march 1st, and said tax reforms should be at the top of the agenda for capitol hill. the q&a also focused on lew's role at citigroup, where he served as chief operating officer before leaving in 2008. when asked about receiving a million- dollar bonus, lew had this to say: "senator, in 2008 i was an employee in the private sector. i was compensated in a manner consistent with other people who did the kind of work i did in the industry, and i was compensated for my work. i'll
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leave that for others to judge." a vote on lew's confirmation is expected toward the end of the month. the u.s. postmaster general is now pleading with congress to take steps that will stablize the struggling postal service. "we need your help to pass legislation that allows for more revenue generation and efficient, effective cost control and fundamental changes to our business model." u.s. postmaster general patrick donahoe made that argument at a hearing wednesday on capitol hill. donahoe wants congress to lift the law requiring the postal service to "pre-fund" 75 years of benefits for retirees. the agency racked up $1.1 billion in the past year, partly because of employee benefits. donohoe wants to use a new business model that could save up to $7 billion by 2016. but senator jon tester of montana is not too happy about the postal push to end saturday delivery to cut costs. "...because it has an impact on rural montana. you may not feel
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it in pittsburgh, in miama, or chicago , or houston or la or any of the big cities, but we don't get mail for 5 or 6 days!" it's possile if congress doesn't act soon, the postal service may need a $45-billion taxpayer bailout by 2017. dutch bank "ing" is cutting jobs. the cuts will come from its retail sector due to the increase in mobile banking. 2400 people will lose their jobs. altogether, this year the bank has cut about 9% of its workforce, or 7500 people. internet banking has also taken off. last year, transactions online increased by 400%. jd power and associates is ranking the most reliable rides of 2013. topping this list, lexus, followed by porsch, lincoln, toyota, mercedes-benz, buick, honda, acura, ram and suzuki. the worst rankings go to jeep, mitsubishi, dodge and land rover. 37,000 car owners were questioned on topics from engine failure to electronic glitches.
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health officials are calling for stricter standards on sugary drinks. the center for science in the public interest is leading the movement, calling on the fda to lower the amount of sweeteners in popular sodas and juices. in years past, the fda vowed to re-evaluate the drinks if consumption increased. the centers for disease control says sodas and sugary drinks are the biggest source of calories in the american diet. coca-cola said this week it is investing in developing new sweeteners. there's trouble in toyland. just weeks after toys'r'us reported weak holiday sales figures, now reports say ceo gerald storch is stepping down. he will remain as chairman. storch joined toys'r'us in 2006. that's when the retailer went private, led by kkr, bain capital and vornado realty trust. toys'r'us filed for an ipo in may of 2010, but has yet to become a public company again. if you're in need of a romantic gesture this valentine's day, there's an app for that. apps like open table are making it
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easier for couples to pull off last-minute plans. the app shows open restaurant reservations near you and allows you to book on your phone. meanwhile, 1-800-flowers makes ordering flowers a breeze and has an option for same-day delivery. and if you missed the card, just download red stamp. the app lets you customize your own valentine's day card with your photos, and sends it out via email or facebook. ain't technology grand? also on this valentine's day, you can buy love. the motely fool is out with stocks based on romance, starting with interactive corp. it's the company that owns research shows online dating is a nearly $2-billion industry. an internet dating site in china trades on the nasdaq under the ticker symbol d-a-t-e. and in case you forgot it's valentine's day, you can call ftd to deliver flowers, or buy your sweetie shares of united online, which owns ftd.
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still to come, die hard date night. the latest installment of films offering romance and more at box office on this valentine's day. that's later. but first, how some travelers are steering clear of the ocean but still exploring the world by boat. more on that next.
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business is flowing for river cruise operators. joining us this morning via skype is wally jones. he is with travel leaders. good morning to you wally. > > good morning, angie. thanks for having me. > how brisk is your business? > > you know, our river cruising right now is up 35% over last year. > what do you think is leading to the strong numbers? > > you know, i think there is a lot of pent-up demand in people. they want a more unique experience with their vacationing, and river cruising offers that. > let's take a look at the top destinations out there. most of these are in europe. why is that, do you think? > > there's pent-up demand, people haven't been traveling for a while or as much as they used to, so they want to get out there and see the world while they still can. prices are a little bit lower than they
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were because people are doing a lot of value pricing with packages and stuff out there. > so there are some good deals out there and that is driving business. > > there are some fantastic deals out there, yes. > what about "downton abbey?" there is a big company that advertises- or really, i should say sponsors- the pbs show. it's viking river cruises, and they are showing trips along the river that give you castle views. is that helping the river cruise business? > > i think so, because a lot of people, they want to see europe, and they want a more authentic experience when they are staying there, and river cruising takes them to the heart of europe, into small little cities that they may not be able to get to otherwise, or at least with the ease of river cruising they wouldn't be able to. > i would be remiss if i didn't talk about the carnival cruise mishap. do you think something like that could hurt river cruise numbers? > > river cruising i don't think is going to hurt so much, but the ocean liners are probably going to get a little softer at the beginning, but they bounce back really fast as well, so i don't see any long- term effects where that is going
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to inhibit any bookings on that. > wally, great to speak with you today. continued success to you. > > thank you very much for having me again. still ahead, love is in the air... and on the silver screen. find out what movies hollywood is rolling out just in time for valentine's day. that's next. i wanted to be in the military since i was a kid.
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i served in the united states air force. i served a total of 16 years. i was deployed 13 times. on my second deployment four bombs hit my vehicle. and at 19 years old, that was the first time i ever saw somebody die. coming back, i was raging. i started having pretty horrible nightmares. i would wake up in middle of the night sweats. i started drinking a lot. i felt worthless. i guess i never recognized it in myself. eventually, one day i just walked into the va hospital and said i'd like to see somebody. don't suffer alone. you've got to find that link with somebody that
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will make you let it go. it all starts with going to the va. there's a whole community of veterans that just want to help you out. it's for the guys who couldn't come back, you owe it to them to live well. because they're not here with their families. and there's a big advantage parents can give their kids -- making sure they get active at least 60 minutes each day.
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studies show that physical activity not only helps kids stay healthy, it can enhance important skills, like concentration and problem solving, which can improve academic performance. this means physical activity can help your kids in the most important game of all -- life.
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film studios are hoping for a "love connection" with moviegoers. three films are opening on this valentine's day. our movie guy is here to tell us which ones he thinks will win your heart, and your money, of course. starting with "safe haven." and they are really playing this up. it is a true-blue valentine's movie. > > yeah. as we have seen over the last couple of years, the nicholas sparks brand has really been quite a moneymaker for hollywood. they have averaged about $60 million a piece. last year you had "the vow" beat a denzel washington movie over the valentine's day weekend, and "dear john" a few years ago - of course, that had channing tatum. the star power is not as huge with this one, but i think you will probably see a very big start on valentine's day and probably have a very healthy weekend. > and there's something here for the guys. > > there is. the new "die hard" movie. > "a good day to die hard." > > well, the "good," we can debate the "good" part, because it is not very good at all, unfortunately. but that doesn't matter. despite schwarzenegger
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and stallone's films having kind of bombed the last couple weeks, this at least has a brand to it, and people will show up for the new "die hard" movie, and then they will start telling their friends that it is no good. > what about "beautiful creatures?" this is for the younger generation, and i think they are going to turn out for this one, erik. > > it is possible. it's another one of these sort of young adult novels that has romance and magic, and this one has witches instead of vampires or wizards or that kind of thing. i think it will probably do along the lines of what "warm bodies" did a few weeks ago, kind of did around the $19, $20 million range. so i think it is going to do ok. > do you think love will still be in the air for melissa mccarthy in "identity thief" over the weekend? > > quite a huge weekend for the movie. we thought it was going to do well. we were probably a little bit conservative on it. it did $34.5 million over the weekend. > this is a stellar start. > > it is a very good start. this is melissa mccarthy's really sort of first big
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theatrical role since "bridesmaids" blew up. so i think that the film is going to have a pretty decent hold. it is a really, really bad movie, but i don't think that matters. people showed up for it and they seem to be falling in love with melissa mccarthy, so, in between the valentine's day numbers, i think this is going to do pretty well too. > and so far it is the best movie of the year at the box office. > > at the box office. not quality wise, just box office. > moving on, "warm bodies" came in with $11 million, "side effects" at $9 million, "silver linings playbook" at $6 million, and "hansel and gretel" at $5.7 million. > not a whole lot out there. "warm bodies" i think is a very good movie, and "side effects," people should go see that one, that is really good. but other than that, i would avoid "die hard" this weekend. it is not very good. > and, quick mention, you had the chicago film critics' association awards, and "zero dark thirty," big winner. > > "zero dark thirty" is the big winner. "the master" won four awards. you were there over the weekend. > i loved it. > > it was really nice to have you there. we had a sold-out show. it was great for the movieco and for the chicago film critics' association. so we thank everyone for showing up. > and i met jane lynch, and she is awesome. > > there you go. worth your money. > thank you erik. > > thank you. coming up, a behind-the-scenes look at why investors are turning their carts away from whole foods. chart talk is next.
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danica patrick: for the millions living with copd, breathing becomes a real struggle. copd stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,
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but you may have heard of it as chronic bronchitis or emphysema. over time, it makes it harder and harder to breathe, until you feel like you're breathing through a straw. copd is the 4th leading cause of death in the u.s. it kills one person every 4 minutes, and it took my grandmother. an estimated 24 million americans are affected, but as many as half of them don't even know it. it's a race against time to spread the word about this serious disease. if you're over 35 and have ever smoked, you could be at risk. the good news is, there are steps you can take to improve your symptoms. i'm danica patrick, and i drive4copd. take action today to breathe better tomorrow. join the movement at take our screening questionnaire today, and talk to your doctor.
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matt cavanaugh of cmz trading
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joins us now for chart talk. we're watching whole foods. the stock was heading lower last night matt. > > it is one of those situations where you take a look at it: this is a company, their business is doing really well, they were right in line with expectations on the revenue side, they beat on the earnings side, their sales were up 14% year-over-year, but you see the stock getting hit. and i think that there is reason for that. > up until now, though, the stock had been a real winner. it is up almost 24% for the year, trading close to $100. now, today, what happens? do people step in and start to buy at lower levels if it comes down? > > just to take a little bit of a step back and give it perspective, it has done really well, it has rallied tremendously just this last year, and if you go back three years ago, this stock was under $10 a share. so, a huge run-up, but what i think you are seeing is, they are in a really
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competitive business, they are at a really high valuation, and, going forward, are they going to be able to grow as much to earn this high valuation? so, when you see them kind of guide lower, saying they have some pressure on their margins, it looks like maybe their growth has slowed down a little bit, that is why you see the stock coming off, especially a stock that has rallied so much in the last few years. so, not really surprising to me. i think the $92 level is big for this stock as far as support, and if it breaks it, there's further to the downside. but also, there is resistance at the $100 level on the upside. so this is a stock that unless you have been long it, i would say don't get in now, let's wait and see what happens and see if it holds. > and definitely if it falls below $92 in trading today you are going to be watching for that next level, correct? > > absolutely. > thank you matt. have a good day. that brings our show to a close. coming up tomorrow in traders unplugged, we are celebrating the chinese new year with ideas on how to trade chinese stocks. from all of us at first business, happy valentine's day!


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